Bases Loaded. Photo by Dave Clark

Bases Loaded. Photo by Dave Clark

I learned to play guitar so I could write songs. Here is a sampling from the past 30+ years. For a bunch more, go to: rogerbainmusic  or my soundcloud page

Hanging By a Thread (©2013 Roger Bain) Existential angst meets psychedelia. 

My Bad Attitude (©2012 Roger Bain) Let’s face it. I’m not a rah-rah dude.

Weather Girl (©1979 Roger Bain) So, a guy falls in love with the weather girl on TV…

Thanks Mister Banks (©1979 Roger Bain) A tribute to my all-time favorite baseball player, Ernie Banks.

Here Comes Mister Upscale (©1985 Roger Bain) I began reading about this ad industry character sometime in the 1970s. Immediately realized that he needed his own theme song.

Space Migration (©1985 Roger Bain) At some point our civilization will migrate to a different planet. 

Oklahoma Cotton Candy (©1996 Roger Bain) Imagine a low budget, independent film from about 1963. It begins in black & white—except for the pink cotton candy. Eventually, everything takes on a pinkish hue. Wah-wah guitar by Mitch Rosenow. Flute by Phil Brenner.

Checkouthemother (©1998 Roger Bain) A woman usually turns into some rendition of her mother. Buy it on iTunes. 

Bald With Glasses (What’s Wrong?(©1985 Roger Bain) An anthem for the guys who fit this description. 

My Mailman Has a Tail (© 2009 Roger Bain) This is the title song from my kids CD of the same name. 

Staring at a Screen (©2011 Roger Bain) The collective gaze of the civilized world has changed. No more time to ponder or reflect. Constant information updates.  

She Stoops to Conquer (©2012 Roger Bain) This song was inspired by the 18th century play of the same title. 


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