Been in advertising and media much of my adult life. I have bought, sold and created advertising for radio, television, print and the internet. Good clients are the secret to good advertising.

I like to have fun with advertising. Without fun, it can be a waste of time.

From a 2012 web video project for Catch 35 Seafood Restaurant in Chicago. Concept/song/direction. Celebrate life at Catch 35!

From a 2013 web video series for Country House Restaurant. Music/direction.

This drones-eye-view provides a unique survey of the Berland’s House of Tools Joliet location.

The Toolman

Dwight the Toolman from Berland’s

Tool TV was a 30 minute TV showcase for the latest tools for the building, construction and woodworking trades that I wrote, produced and directed for Berland’s House of Tools from 1995-2005.



This music video highlighted Senco’s new cordless autofeed screwgun. As seen on Tool TV. Concept/song/direction.

This marketing feature was included in an episode of Tool TV. The Toolman visits the Bosch plant in Arkansas to find out how Bosch drills are put together. Direction.

The Tool TV You Tube page.

Here’s is a brief compilation of product songs, jingles and theme songs that I have conceived, written & produced. (Chuck Kawal is the brilliant music director, engineer, mixmaster.)


This is a series for Berland’s House of Tools that appeared as both FSI and DM (1993-2000). Concept/copy/creative direction. Masterful illustrations by John Eggert.





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