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 It’s been said that I write kids songs for adults. Or is it simply an immature love of all things silly? Decide for thineself.

My Mailman Has a Tail (c 2009) Here’s the title cut from my kids CD. Wrote this 25 years prior to finally recording it. There’s always been something about mailmen that I think is mildly hilarious. Buy it on iTunes.

Roger Bain: My Mailman Has a Tail


Elmo the Smelly Elephant also appears on the Mailman CD.


Wanna color Elmo? Click here> elmo


The Magic Pig March (©2010 Roger Bain) ) This song is derived from a nightly serial that I made up for my kids at bedtime. Condensed into a song over 20 years after the stories ceased.



Spud The Potato (from A Couple of Wize Guys 1986)

Elmo the Smelly Eelephant performed by Miss Behaviorself (from A Couple of Wize Guys 1986)

Maxwell, Jebediah and possibly Biff…the Hammerheads are on the march. Although this appeared on Tool TV I think you’ll agree it has kids appeal.


Running With Statues (This instrumental, Roundhouse Rag, is on The Mailman CD.) 

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