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I am a writer/producer/musician/former ad guy and now, author of Hardly Working. You might call me an anti-pop skeptical optimist, walking the fine line that separates humanism, curmudgeonhood and flagrant relevance. Have always had a love of the absurd and am not overly concerned with social convention.

I woke up I had orange hair.

Upon graduating from the University of Kansas, I spent nearly ten years—the 1970s— figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up. During this time I met my wife, Linda.

Then came ten years in the cable television industry (the 1980s), beginning at Sunflower Cablevision in Lawrence, KS, where I created a singing resume.

The 1990s were now upon us and I was restless. Time to put everything I’d learned into something I could call my own, resulting in my one-man-band ad agency, Roger Bain Communications, where I had more fun on the job than seemed possible. (Note: phone/email on endscreen are out of date.)

Throughout my life I have been in a constant state of creation; moonlighting, freelancing, passion projects, work for hire, etc. Below is a bit from a kids TV pilot that almost went national. (I have many almost stories.):

Click on the nitwit below and be taken to my 80s video channel.

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