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I am a writer/producer/musician/humorist/advertising guy. Have always had a love of the absurd and am not overly concerned with social convention. Here are audio and video examples that may give you an idea of what I am About.

Studio Recordings

Blind Bain (solo video performance)

Not For Chowderheads (1982 Public TV 30 minute madness)

A Couple of Wize Guys (NBC kids pilot 1986)

The Barking Geckos (Mythical band from Lawrence, KS 1976-82)

Fun With Advertising (2009)

I am not a big fan of anything with a pop prefix: Pop music, pop radio, pop culture, pop tarts. (I do like “Pop Goes the Weasel.”) Also not a fan of homogenized corporatization, mindless nationalism, dogmatic ideology, most reality and talent shows, most food products advertised on national television and let’s throw in much of social media behavior. I am a skeptical optimist, walking the fine line that separates humanism, curmudgeonhood and flagrant relevance. In the 60s, I preferred the Stones to the Beatles. I liked Elvis before he went into the army. I revered Mad Magazine, Monty Python, Captain Beefheart, Paul Bowles and Lester Bangs.

Here is my sonic proclamation for the bad attitude movement.

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