Hardly Working

Hardly Working is the true story of a suburban white kid who decides to avoid the pre-programmed path available to him, who grows from jock to frat boy to hippie to suburban dad to respected business owner, propelled by music, songwriting, and an appreciation of the absurd. The author recounts scores of jobs, schemes, capers, and life lessons while navigating the conflict between the need to pay bills and the urge to be creative and free. Peek inside the Hinsdale Golf Club caddyshack in 1960, meet the flange ladies, the Fuller Brush man, the Ace Hamburger Flipper, the Fabulous Johnny A, attend the final Grateful Dead performance at the Fillmore West, take a walk beneath the Wrigley Field grandstand with Ernie Banks, experience the early days of cable TV, how it feels to wear a cheap brown suit, and witness the world’s largest smooth and creamy dildo. Hardly Working is a comical, often poignant reflection on the American dream, an example of how to be yourself and live well; how having enough is more realistic than having it all. Coming February 2023.

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