Hardly Working

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Hardly Working is an intimate and oftentimes deep analysis of one man’s life through the lens of working, a provocative, at times comical look at both the pursuit and the avoidance of work by one who decided to “retire” in the decade after graduating college to pursue his own version of the American Dream.
Many of us struggle with finding a career that allows us to be ourselves. Many of us lose ourselves in our careers and forget our core beliefs and values. Bain doesn’t. The story sprawls across five decades and is studded with colorful characters. You’ll meet the Ace Hamburger Flipper, the flange ladies, the Redneck Brothers; learn how to go crazy, witness the Grateful Dead at the Fillmore West in 1971, come face to face with an anteater in the jungle ruins of a lost tribe in Colombia, S.A. and gasp at the world’s largest smooth and creamy dildo delivered to an all-boys Catholic High in Chicago. This poignant, comical reflection on the nature of success reminds us of the career choices we must all make: whether to follow the pre-programmed path or try something different: how having enough can be more realistic than having it all.

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