She Stoops To Conquer

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Much of what I create has a Limey sensibility—at least it amuses my English cousins. She Stoops To Conquer is a farcical British play of manners written in the 18th century by Oliver Goldsmith. After attending a performance of the play at London’s National Theater, I was inspired to write a song using the same catchy title. Literature and history are great sources for songwriting.

Disclaimer: I did not attempt to mimic the plot of the play but instead made an attempt at  capturing a feminine archetype. This song has not been previewed by any members of the National Theater Company but they are welcome to do so.

No doubt the song could have used a lute but because there was not a lute in his house, Geoff DeMuth provided mandolin accompaniment. He also engineered. 

4 thoughts on “She Stoops To Conquer

  1. With an audience of two we were quite impressed, as we are by all of your work. Keep em coming Roger

  2. Next one could be Midsummer Night’s Dream or Macbeth. Bit of Shakespeare is generally well received over here in Limeyland!
    You could join the Stones at Glastonbury Festival this summer.

  3. LOVE it Roger!! Well done! Just needed my cuppa by a roaring fire while listening! Lol

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