Yes Man From Yesco

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One of the more annoying personalities on the planet is the yes man.

illustration by Plastic Crimewave

This creature lacks imagination and self-respect. Riddled with the fear of what others might think of his ideas—especially the boss—he cowers behind a torrent of “yes-es.” He doesn’t want to rock the boat. And he definitely doesn’t wish to steer the boat. He just wants to remain in the good graces of the captain.

(A creature who is more annoying—even despicable—is the leader who surrounds him or her self with yes-spouting sycophants.)

In the workplace and the marketplace of ideas, a balance must be achieved between the notion that you are always right and the notion that your opinion is not worthy. Many unworthy opinions reach fruition. And many brilliant ideas remain caged within the minds of the timid.

Play this tune for your boss or co-workers. If you are the boss, share it with the board. Make a Powerpoint. If you’re simply bored, play it for thyself.

7 thoughts on “Yes Man From Yesco

    • That’s the best approach. But what about your run as president of Barrant Industries?

    • When self-employed, you’re either a yes man or contract with an occasional devil’s advocate.

  1. you are such a WACKY dude, Roger. in a REALLY GOOD way! Once again, I’m lovin’ me a Roger Bain work…excellent – and I ‘m so happy that Mitch is again involved.

    • Wacky is usually a compliment unless describing a President or General. Mitch and I intend to continue our involvement in the near future as well.

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